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Solutions to Teal problems

This section provides Teal owners with a reference resource to help identify and resolve problems with their Teals.


Clutch Sticks when car is not used for a while e.g. over the winter months.


The clutch plate becomes stuck and hence unable to engage or change gears or disengage gears if they are already engaged with the clutch depressed.


The best way to free the clutch is to jack the car up and start the engine with the car in 4th gear. Leave the car running until everything is nice and warm. With the engine speed at around 2500rpm and the clutch depressed hit the brakes hard. This should relatively gently shock the clutch plate and free it. It may take a few times but it usually works and is much gentler on the gear box than forcing a gear in from neutral.

But does anyone know how to stop this happening in the first place? Replies please by clicking here.

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