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Alternative Differential

1st April 2016

Out of interest I emailed ‘Practical Classics’ last year, about fitting a Triumph diff to a Marina axle casing as I was sure they had done it in the past on one of their project cars. Much to my surprise, when I looked at the latest edition (I am a subscriber) March 2016, there in print was a reply!

They state that The Marina, Ital, rear wheel drive Dolomite, TR4,TR5,TR6, four speed TR7, Spitfire, Herald, Vitesse, and 2000/2500 share the same final drives, with various ratios.

David Ward has fitted a 4.1 - 1 Spitfire diff to Angel De Souza’s Teal with success a few weeks ago, so it looks like the dreaded Marina diff problem may have been solved?

Of course, you can only fit the differential gears, and not the complete back axles, as the mounting points and springs are different. Also of course, the Spitfire and Herald etc. are independent axles, but it will mean that if you need a replacement diff for a Marina, a Triumph item will be much easier to source, either second hand or reconditioned from people like Rimmer’s or Moss’ if all else fails.

I hope you find this helpful.

Andy Dutton.