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Although not a Teal, this fine machine is however, owned by a Teal Owners Club member.....


Built 83 years ago and in the same ownership for 56 years very sadly AGT 361 is not still in the pristine condition seen the photograph. Not driven but stored since 1963 the car is now offered for restoration to the exciting MG Special that it is or the basis for a full rebuild to original J2 specification.


MG Midget model J2 registration number AGT 361 chassis number J 3031 powered by engine number 1831AJ was originally delivered to University Motors Ltd on March 31st 1933 and painted British Racing Green and first sold to a Sub. Lt. J. E. Bush of Bishop’s Knoll, Stoke Bishop, Bristol on April 7th 1933 by Charles Follett Ltd. of 18 Berkley Street London W1.


Records show that by the 12th of May of the same year Lt. Bush was having some unspecified problems with the car and an inspection arranged for June at the factory in Abingdon. There is no record of that event ever taking place because the car suffered a fractured road spring and was replaced f.o.c. by the factory. On December 9th 1933 the car’s engine suffered a broken crankshaft! On March 19 1960 the car’s log book then records that the then owner (Mr G L Banks) not surprisingly replaces the original MG power source (1831AJ) with a “fresh (Ford E93A 10 HP) engine” and that the car is now painted red.

No further information is available from this date until the 26th of June 1959 when the car’s log book records it registered to a Mr. G L Banks of Basingstoke with the vehicle as being kept in Dorset. On July 8th the car was acquired by the current owner with whom it has remained ever since.

Covered and housed on a Brian James flat-bed trailer the car is ready to be driven away. Inspection is recommended for those interested and willing to pay £12,000 or a very near offer.


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