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Teal Owners Club

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The first record available referring to the ‘Teal Car Bugatti Owners Club’ is 1987. Obviously there were several likeminded Teal Owners about before then, but as is normal in these things it took one person to bring it to print and form a club of sorts.

That person was Ben Trumble, a notable Teal owner, who wrote and duplicated three sheets of paper, with news, views, members update and his own antidote of current affairs.

I can’t be sure what happened next, but the next issue of the Teal Owners Club Newsletter came out in 1988, and was written by the late John Elwell. John was a stalwart figure for the club, being secretary, editor and chairman of the club at different times. After his death, his wife Pat later became chairman of the club, and his daughter Suzi is the current editor of the club magazine Teal Spiel.

Like many new organisations there was an initial surge of new members, but with the economy slowing and Teal Car sales decreasing, membership of the club slowed also.

Today we have a small but thriving membership. The club has owner members in various countries around the world, France, Holland, Sweden, Germany, Canada, USA, to name a few as they say.

With a nucleus of hard core members the club runs several events and continental tours each year, plus an end of season lunch.

Due to Teal Cars no longer being manufactured, the cars have become a great success in the present thriving classic car world. Prices have soared, due mainly to the fact that people now recognise the amount of work that went into building the car in the first place, and the hand built nature of the bodies.

One final word. You don’t have to own a Teal to be a member of the Teal Owners Club. There are several owners with VW based cars, some specials and some with only their everyday car. If you like the cars, why not join the club?

Andy Dutton

Secretary TOC.