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Teal Owners Club Forum

Welcome to the Teal Owners Club Forum.

The forum is now up and running. If you are a Teal Owners Club member feel free to sign up & use the forum for the benefit of Teal Owners Club members

Please note that once you are signed up the Administrator will need to verify your membership. If you have not received an email in a couple of days confirming your membership has been verifed then please use the 'Contact Forum' button to give us a reminder.

To request new categories or report any errors please click on the Contact Form button on the left menu bar.

Latest news: Once signed in, you can now send a Private Massage to any forum member by simply clicking on their name on any message or reply they have posted or on the 'Forum Users' page accessed on the left hand menu.

A private Messages is, as the name implies, a private conversation and are only readable by the participants. When you send a Private message the recipiant is informed by email that a message has been sent (the email address remains private even from the sender). the recipiate can then simply log on the the website and read the message using the Private messages button on the left hand menu bar of the forum pages.

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